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Planning a Vacation


Planning a vacation in the next few weeks? Let us offer you two suggestions...


First, if your reservations are able to be changed, or if you haven't made them yet, read on about two popular online services. Check out these two great online services- and for top quality hotels, flights and rental cars. Our experience in using them so far has been great! Here's the difference between the two. allows you to make an offer of what you are willing to pay. There are some details that are given to you, but other details remain unknown until after you have agreed to pay. For example, we used to secure a room in downtown Chicago, on the magnificent mile for $50 (before the small fee and taxes). When we made our offer, we knew the general location, the magnificent mile, and we selected the quality of hotel, ****, but we were unaware of the actual hotel. If you are a bit adventurous, it is fun trying new hotels especially some of the fancier boutique type hotels in a larger city. Of the 8 times that we have used (Multiples times in Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Colorado Springs) all of the hotels have met or exceeded what we bargained for. All of the times, we paid no more than $70 per night. gives you a bit more information upfront before you have to actually secure the deal with a payment. For this reason, seemed a bit better for airline tickets. We were really pleased with the money that we saved and found that if you are a bit flexible with your times and locations within a city, there is a lot of money that can be saved.


Secondly, make sure that your pet is taken well care of! If a family member or neighbor is unable to help you out, consider HappyTail Boarding for all of your pet sitting and needs while on vacation. Their friendly staff is just terrific!

Take a look at our travel site for more helpful sites. Have a great vacation!






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