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Sign Up for a Web Brochure Today


For about the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can have a web brochure hosted on the website. Here are two examples:


Here's the fine print...

If you have special requests that might take more work than normal, you can get more design time at the rate of $50 per hour. We'll let you know ahead how long it should take. Getting a web brochure created on is quite easy.


There are 4 basic steps...

  1. Submit the initial information below- risk free! 

  2. We will email you with any questions we might have and information regarding being a client of Tangent Minds Consulting using

  3. We will put together your web brochure within several days and email you the link where you can preview and comment on what you see. You then can email us with changes you'd like to see. We will repeat this step until your are satisfied.

  4. Once satisfied, we will email you an invoice.

It's really that easy!

Your name:             


Name of business/group:  


Address (first line):  


Address (second line):  


Address (third line):  


City, State, Zip:  






Business Email Address:             


Describe a brief history of your business. Include milestones along the way, interesting facts, etc.



Describe your business today. What products or services do you offer? What separates your business from other similar businesses in the Kalamazoo area?



Enter the web address of your existing website if you plan on linking your web brochure to it.  


Click on as many of the additional features below that you'd be interested in adding to you web brochure. Depending on the needed design time, there may be additional fees for these. We will let you know before we start your project.


Listing of hours

Link to map


Customer feedback, suggestions or information

Ability to sell a product online

What other comments would you like to share with us now? Include any questions or suggestions that you might have.




That's it for now!








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