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Elite Taekwondo in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Elite Taekwondo LLC offers a variety of athletic opportunities along with itís taekwondo classes. In addition to taekwondo, we offer Aerobic-Kickboxing classes that focus on toning of muscles as well as weight loss. Take a look at what our Aerobic-Kickboxing class offers.


We also offer Senior Adult Classes for ages 50 and over, or whomever wants a low impact stretch and tone class. We also offer a Little Champions class for students as young as 2 years old. Click below to get more information.


Advantages of Elite Taekwondo LLC


  •  - 2 Olympic sized sparring rings
  •  - Men's and Women's changing areas
  •  - Handicap accessible restroom
  •  - Variety of work-out equipment
  •  - Sitting area for parents
  •  - Shopping stores just steps away
  •  - Personal training
  •  - Aerobic kickboxing using hand weights for added resistance
  •  - Most up to date music available


All taekwondo classes are for ages 2 through adult. Drop-in aerobic classes are only $10 per session. Private sessions that give you extra added attention are available at the rate of $25/hour for members and $50/hour for non-members.


Elite Taekwondo LLC is a proud member of the Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.



Our Philosophy

Elite Taekwondo LLC was founded on the foundation that, together we are able to conquer more obstacles than by doing it alone.


Elite Taekwondo LLC instructors specialize in instructing students of all ages, sex, and physical ability levels. The classes are filled with energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement for all to achieve his or her personal best.


We live by respect, which follows over into every day living. We focus on discipline that makes you a better citizen. We build self-confidence that gives you the courage to achieve your dreams and make them into reality. We expand on the characteristics of a student. The most important fact of taekwondo is that it is not only a superior art of self-defense, but it also develops the mind and soul. This is beneficial because it gives the student a sound mental focus that helps with personal relationships, families and friends.


Elite Taekwondo LLC is a WTF school that allows the opportunity to earn your belt promotion and feel confident in your ability as a martial artist.








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